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Don't wait months for an app, get it in a few days!

The market and competitors move so fast , every wasted day costs a lot.

Inspired by
L e g o

Introducing a revolutionary AI-powered way converting the traditional method of building tech based solutions to a new lean manufacturing way Saves Time And Money inspired by Lego.


Opposite to other solutions Tattbiqat for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners doesn’t require any technical skills

Whatever you want to test your idea, build  MVP or Grow in the market we are ready to support you

How it works


Meet our AI expert projects manager cute stars icon

Our AI expert projects manager will go with you step by step and it will discuss your product stage , your vision ,business model and competitive valuable features

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Customize your solution features checklist icon

Your initiated solution arise so you can View all the features customize it as you want, view the effect on time and cost.

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Total 6 Features


Confirm and let the magic start edit icon

Now we are ready and waiting your confirmation ,review the technical and payment terms ,pay the initial payment and let the rest on us

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Transforming tech solutions with AI

During the previous years

By our engineers hands we built many successful solutions for great talented entrepreneurs like you and now we are ready for the new AI revolution.

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Our Clients

1200 Trusted us and still counting.

Our Works


We have learned and grown so much from every solution we have worked on and every client we have met.
Thank you to all of our valued partners for your contributions.

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Full services

Focus on your business and leave anything else on us

You don't need to keep attention to all the tech hassle “Servers, Database, Payment gateway, SMS, Emails, Maps, Store” we take care of all of that and you only need to focus on you idea and business.



Technologies we use

We don’t only develop mobile apps or websites. we develop complete working solutions by mixing all the needed technology and platforms , to make you reach your goal using the shortest and best route .

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technologt image AI
technologt image Cloud
technologt image Blockchain
technologt image Mobile apps
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The way

We are with during your trip

You don't need to keep attention to all the tech haste servers ,database. Payment gateway ,SMS, emails, Maps, store.
we take care of all of that and you only need to focus on you idea and business.

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Answers to all your questions

No ,The service is available to anyone who needs to develop an application, regardless of their level of technical expertise.
We use AI to provide you with a dedicated project manager who will understand your needs, discuss your business model and competitive features, and give you the best plan for your app with instant quotes that save you time and money.

Our innovative development process allows us to get your solution up and running quickly and efficiently in a matter of days, rather than months.

We will handle all of the technical aspects of your solution, so you can focus on other things. You will receive a single invoice for all of the services we provide.
Our service is currently in beta testing and will be released to the public very soon. However, you can still send us a brief description of your idea using the form below. One of our experts will contact you shortly to discuss your project.

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